25 years experience

We have an experience of more than 25 years in the medical sector

International footprint

We export to the 5 continents through our international distribution network


Our products are subjected to the strictest quality controls.


We are committed to research and functional and technological innovation in order to be more competitive and productive.

Manufacturing of bacterial-viral filters and nose clips for Pulmonary Function Testing equipments.

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Our values

Highest Quality
High grammage filtration media with protection membrane on both sides. We use the most advanced manufacturing technology In-depth quality controls Complying with the highest international quality standards and certifications for bacterial and viral filtration efficiency of the most prestigious laboratories
Patient Centered
Reduces significant the risk of cross contamination between patients Maximum anatomical comfort for the patient with version, Ergo.
Maximum Compatibility
We manufacturer 5 direct fitting filter versions to fit the most popular Pulmonary Function Testing devices We manufacture a wide range of adapters that ensure compatibility with most Spirometer brands Our range of products is worldwide recognized given our experience of 25 years in the market.
Research and Development
We reinvest approximately 18% of our turnover each year We work closely with opinion leaders and we consider their observations in the development of our products We support functional and technological innovation, which makes us more and more productive and competitive
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Our products

NeumoFilt Ergo


Accreditations and Certificates